Translation of the Arafah Khutbah #hajj1438


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail|31 August 2017| 09 Zhul Hijjah 1438

• The greatest success is to believe in kalima

• The road to success is imaan

• Nabi (Saw) said the princilple of iman is to believe in Allah,his messenger,angels,books

• The principle of imaan to establish salaah, pay zakaat, fast in Ramadan and hajj

• Zakaat is attached to salaah,next after salaah.

• The reward for an accepted hajj is Jannah

• Allah says today i have perfected the deen for you

• Hold fast on to the rope of Allah and do not disunite

• The beauty of shariah is to hold fast onto its principles

• Look after your family. Keep them on the straight path

• Allah places the love in the marital bond

• Allah has ordered us with justice and to fulfill the rights of people

• Allah wants safety and peace for the people

• Allah has Made peace and safety to be part of sharia

• Allah has Made peace and safety to be part of sharia

• Muslims have a portion of that peace. we have to be just

• Allah says we should not kill each other or consume wealth unjustly

• Fulfill your oaths

• The first house of worship established was in Bakkah

• Whoever enters the house of worship is safe

• Allah says ‘Do you not see we made the baytullah a place of safety’

• We make dua Allah protects masjid Aqsa

• Nabi SAW said in the farewell sermon that all facets of the times of ignorance has been wiped out

• One trait of that time is apartheid

• The hajj must not be for any political motive. It must only for for Allah

• If you hold on to the Quran and Sunnah you will not go astray

• So rule with the Law of Allah

• In the Quran you will find the solution to every difficulty in life.

• Teach our children The Quran and meaning of the Quran.

• Spend your wealth on spreading the Quran

• Do not forget to make dua for those who are good to you and for muslims doing good all over the world

• Oh Allah protect king Salmaan for all he has done and make Muhammad bin Salmaan a means of bringing good to the ummah

• The Khateeb ends by makes dua for the Ummah