Jamarat Bridge has numerous entries and exits to prevent stampede


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 31 August 2017| 09 Zhul Hijjah 1438

The new Jamarat bridge, which is 950 meters long and 80 m. wide, is made up of four stories and has numerous entry and exit points so that pilgrims will be able to stone the Satan easily and will not meet each other while going in or out so there will be no stampedes which caused a lot of tragedies in the past.

The first floor has two entry points specified for the pilgrims coming from Al-Jawhara street and the Arab souq. The pilgrims can throw the stones and then proceed directly on their way to Al-Aziziyah district in Makkah.

There is an entry point in the second floor for the pilgrims coming from Siddqi street on the western side of the Jamarat. The floor has an entry point from the eastern side for pilgrims coming from Jabal (mountain) Al-Kabish (the sheep) and the King Fahd tunnels.

There is an escalator for the pilgrims coming from Al-Hudaibiyah tunnels street.

The third floor has three entries; the first for the pilgrims coming from the six buildings on Mina hillock to the east of the Jamarat and the camps of the domestic pilgrims. The second entry is specified for pilgrims coming by the Mashaer train.

There is a third escalator to be used by pilgrims coming from the direction of Siddqi plateau.

The fourth floor also has three entries. The first is for the pilgrims coming from Al-Aziziyah tunnels behind Faqih Commercial Center and the second is also for the passengers of the Mashaer train. Each of the two entries are at the western side of the Jamarat while the third one is on the east of the Jamarat for pilgrims coming from Al-Muaisem area.

The bridge has a helipad for the helicopters to be used during time of emergencies. It also has a cooling system using desert air conditions, which sprinkle water to cool off the air reducing the temperature up to 29 degrees Celcius.

Source – Saudi Gazette