UN Chief cautions against racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail| 17 August 2017| 24 Zhul Qadha 1438

The United Nations Secretary General has warned that Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia was poisoning societies everywhere.

He was responding to a question from SABC News after recent remarks by United States President Donald Trump seemingly equating neo Nazi hate groups with activists protesting their bigotry.

Trump received high praise from white nationalist leaders after a Tuesday press conference displaying broad ambiguity in condemning their actions in Charlottesville, Virginia at the weekend in which one person was killed when a car slammed into activists protesting the hate groups.

The UN Chief (Antonio Guterres) was asked to react to President Trump’s bombastic brawl with the media, in which he argued a moral equivalency between racist groups and those who oppose them.

“I do not comment on what Presidents say, I affirm principles. And the principles I affirm are very clear. Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia are, as I mentioned, yesterday poisoning our societies and it is absolutely essential for us all to stand up against them everywhere and every time. I think that speaking at the SG I should speak for the whole world, speaking as a European, there is something I am proud as a European is the contribution that Europe gave towards civilization with the values of the enlightenment, tolerance, respect for the other, the importance and recognition of diversity.”

Trump has come in for sharp criticism from lawmakers and the media that have been largely unequivocal in their revulsion at the President’s ambiguity, with major publications slamming his aspersions on the counter protestors who had rallied to confront the hate groups.

However, former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeted his thanks to the President for setting the record straight.

“There was a group on this side you can call them the ‘left’, you’ve just called them the ‘left’ that came violently attacking the other group. So you can say what you want but that’s the way it is. Yes I think there’s blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there’s blame on both sides. And I have no doubt about it. And you don’t have any doubt about it either. And if you reported it accurately, you would say.”

Trump announced Wednesday he was disbanding two business advisory groups after multiple CEO’s quit in protest at his failure to sufficiently condemn the hate groups as evidenced in these remarks.

“I watched those TV images from Charlottesville very closely, much more closely than you people watched it. And you have, you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that. But I’ll say it right now. You had a group, you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit, and they were very, very violent.”

The remarks from the President reportedly caught even his closest aides off guard.

But it was the passion with which he defended the rights of right-wing hate groups over those protesting their bigotry that has stunned many in just the latest scandal to further cloud his mere seven months in office.

Source – Sabc news