3 City Syria Nasheed Tour – Rebuilding lives through education


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail| 01 August 2017| 08 Zhul Qadha 1438

There’s an event that’s creating a buzz with everyone… Yes! It’s the Syria Nasheed tour featuring International nasheed artists and its happening in December.

The event is in aimed at raising funds that will be directed towards education for the many Syrian children bearing the brunt of the conflict. With their country in turmoil for what looks to be the foreseeable future, education will be vital in helping the children of Syria rebuild the pieces of their shattered lives and land. With 3 million Syrian children lacking access to education as a result of the conflict, demand is high.

Cii Projects have partnered with Syria Relief UK who currently has an education project underway. Syria Relief’s Education Program is expanding rapidly with 70 schools that have requested support currently on the waiting list. Without it, they may be forced to close, leaving thousands of children with no education, endangering their safety and their future. Those unable to access education are left vulnerable to exploitation on the streets, prey to any unscrupulous opportunist.

What is the Education project about?
Thus far the Syria Relief Education project has over 16,000 children that are being taught daily according to the Syrian education curriculum. After having successfully reopened schools that were closed down, rebuilding and refurbishing where necessary, many of Syria Relief schools operate double shifts to accommodate the demand.

The organization has also opened a number of schools that cater for children with learning difficulties and hearing impairments, currently accommodating 2,000 school children with special needs.

An important part of the education project is CFS, where 31 Child Friendly Spaces are allocated. These provide 1000 children with psychosocial support daily, a crucial service in a place where trauma and loss are daily occurrences.
The teachers for these facilities are trained in child protection, psychological support and first aid as standard.

Specialist psychological support staffs are available at all of our regular schools, providing one-to-one and group sessions for children and staff.