Revealed: Saudi Arabia links to Israel


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail| 11 July 2017| 16 Shawaal 1438

The twitter account Mujtahidd revealed details of the “important figures” in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel over the past decades.

According to the unknown activist, King Salman and Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir were both prominent figures in opening channels with Israeli figures and the Zionist lobby in the United States, specifically AIPAC.

Contact with Israel was made over the past decades through two channels, the first in the name of the kingdom in general, and the second was specific to King Salman when he was the Emir of Riyadh.

“The first channel was opened through Adel Al-Jubeir when he was a young man trained by Bandar Bin Sultan at our embassy in Washington, where he was appointed as his congressional assistant,” Mujtahidd wrote in a tweet.

“His mission was to reach the famous Zionist lobby organisation (AIPAC) and through it he will guarantee the support of Congress.”

Al-Jubeir was chosen because he “has no religious or national commitment. He was the right person to love AIPAC and be in harmony with them, and consequently to facilitate Bandar’s job in gaining the support of Congress.”

He pointed out that the result of Al-Jubeir’s harmony with AIPAC was “establishing direct relations with Israeli officials, gaining Israeli trust and coordinating views on regional issues behind the scenes.”

Mujtahidd continued: “This relationship had an impact on the position of the Kingdom on the Palestinian issue, the Madrid Conference and Oslo, as well as Lebanon and the Palestinian resistance, then Iraq and Iran, etc.”

Speaking about the reign of the late King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, Mujtahidd claimed that “after the ascent of King Abdullah, Tuwaijri, who believes in the greatness of Israel, succeeded in convincing him to appoint Al-Jubeir as ambassador to America so as to facilitate direct coordination with them.”

He added that Al-Jubeir continued even after Salman became king and that “his son Muhammad was keen to convince Israel that the kingdom’s policy was in harmony with it.”

Al-Jubeir became a “star” in the eyes of the Zionists who described him as the “Michael Jordan of Saudi Arabia”, in reference to the famous American basketball player Michael Jordan.

The reason behind King Salman’s efforts to open channels of communication with the Israelis, Mujtahidd explained, was his intention to “secure his future in power, racing with his brothers and pledging to Israel that he would make more concessions than his brothers if they help him jump the queue.”

He added: “Salman did not realise that his brothers have secured themselves with America and Israel and that he will not be able to jump the queue. Consequently, he reached the role only after being overtaken by Alzheimers.”

Source – Middle East Monitor