Israel gives settler children firearms training


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail|10 July 2017| 15 Shawaal 1438

A group of Israeli primary school children were given firearms training during a summer camp in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israel’s Ynet News reported yesterday.

In images published online the fourth and fifth grade boys can be seen being trained by soldiers on how to use a M16 rifle.

Some of the parents of the minors, who live in the illegal Jewish only settlement of Yakir in the occupied West Bank, were outraged that such training should take place in the camp.

“This is a Hamas camp,” one of the parents said.

The news site quoted the director of the settler summer camp saying: “This was done with the approval of the security personnel in the town. They brought the weapons and everything was conducted in complete safety.”

Source – MEMO