Durban Deputy Mayor urges SA Muslims to speak out against terrorism


Cii radio| Ayesha Ismail| 22 June 2017| 27 Ramadaan 1438

eThekwini’s deputy mayor Fawzia Peer has called on Muslims in South Africa to be more vocal in their condemnation of terrorism.

Addressing an inter-faith function by the Turkish organisation, Turquoise Harmony Institute in Durban, Peer said there was a need for serious introspection and dialogue on terrorism and the role of Muslims in speaking out against this.

“How do Muslims extend their hand of friendship to people of other faiths when terrorism today defines a Muslim? The absence of Muslim communities’ vociferous responsiveness to and initiating conversation, especially in South Africa, over the issue of so-called Islamic terrorism may lead to a misguided belief that the silence of Muslims on this critical matter is actually consent,” said Peer.

Terrorism, said Peer, was not a religion and affected people of all faiths across the world, including Muslims.
“As deputy mayor of our beautiful city and chairperson of the city council’s security and emergency cluster, I have also commenced with the task of terror risk analysis to determine the level of threat we face in our city. We must be proactive and understand what risks we face so that we can prepare accordingly,” announced Peer.

This follows a recent bomb attack on a Durban family which left several people seriously maimed. The bomb was delivered by a courier to their residence packaged as a gift with flowers for the target, 47-year-old Saleem Khan who was not home at the time. Instead, the package was opened by his 22-year-old son who remains in hospital with critical brain injuries. Khan’s daughter-in-law and mother were also injured but are said to be recovering well.

Khan told Media24 he suspected the attacker to be a former close family friend who may have become disgruntled as a result of a business deal.

The case has shocked both investigators and the public due to the high level of sophistication and organisation in making of the bomb.

“This was not an ordinary person looking through the internet. It is the work of a professional and our fear is that it could happen to someone else if we don’t stop it. We need to get to the person. We are close and have done most of our investigations but cannot disclose more until the arrests,” said Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

Source – News 24