What should we do in the last 10 days of Ramadan? Mufti AK Hoosen Explains


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 15 June 2017| 20 Ramadaan 1438

We should search for laylatul Qadr in the last ten nights of Ramadaan. Mufti AK Hoosen of Cii Radio explains what we should do.

The last 10 days of Ramadan are “Id-kum Minanaar”. Freedom, liberation and emancipation from the fire (Sahih Ibne Khuzaymah)

In these last 10 nights comes Laylatul Qadr. One entire chapter of Quran has been revealed for “Laylatul Qadr”. Imagine All Mighty Allah revealing this as a gift for this Ummah.

Look and search for it in the last 10 nights, in the odd nights (Hadith Musnad Ahmed & various compilations)

What should we do?
We are fasting, but we want to be forgiven. Daily in the odd nights, we should be sitting in the Masjid, sitting at home, making nafl itikaaf, reading Quran and begging All Mighty Allah.

Ramadan has come, and now Ramadan is bidding farewell, leaving us…

Ya Allah, before Ramadan leaves, forgive us Ya Allah

How are we going to make dua?
“Oh Allah Liberate my neck and body from the fire”
We make dua for our near and dear ones
“Oh Allah Give Liberation and emancipation to us, to our beloved parents, to our spouses, to our children. Forgive all of us. Forgive everyone.
Liberate us, emancipate us and protect us from the fire
When a person is saved from the fire, what does the Quran state?
“Whosoever is safe from the fire and admitted into Jannah, that is the real true success”

So success for Muslims is direct entry into Jannatul Firdous. Remember, don’t ask Allah for Jannah only, ask Allah for Jannatul Firdous. When you Beg of Allah, ask Allah for Jannatul Firdous because that is the cream of the crop. That is the best portion in Jannah (Mishkat)

What is the meaning of “Id-kum Minanaar”?
That Allah liberates us from the fire. Remember that Fire, All Mighty Allah has kept for the Mushrikeen (the polytheist) & the Kaafireeen (the non-Muslims). Verily Allah has cursed the non Muslims and prepared for them the blazing fire. They will dwell and stay there forever and ever and ever and for them there’s no helper or protector.

Allah will never forgive those people that ascribe somebody or something to Allah, and All Mighty Allah will forgive other sins. (Surah 33 (Ahzab), Vs 65-65)

So yes we are guilty, but our Allah is that Allah…

Ya Allah Your Mercy is greater, broader, wider than all our vices and sins put together. Ya Allah You forgive us. Forgive the Ummah of Muslims; we are all guilty, without mitigating circumstances.

On that Night of Majesty and destiny what happens?
The Quraan states that it is a night greater than a thousand months, equal to more than 83 years.
The Angels come down the whole night in their droves, in their groups with the command of Allah.

And Allah is saying to those people engaged in worship, “Salaamun Hiya Hataa Matla’il Fajr”
In Arabic it sounds so beautiful – “Asaalmu Yaqri-us Salaam”

Allah is conveying his Salaam to you Oh Servant, Oh Slave because you are engaged in Tilaawat of Quran, in dua, in charity, in acts that are pleasing to Allah and staying away from vices and sins.

Let us make Qadr of these last 10 nights and Laylatul Qadr. It is most probably the 27th, but we should cry out to Allah on all the nights.

“Ya Allah You are very forgiving, very generous. You love to forgive. Forgive us” (Tirmidhi)