What should we do on the 17th Ramadan? – By Mufti AK Hoosen of Cii Radio


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 12 June 2017| 17 Ramadaan 1438

Today is the 17th of Ramadan, with the Grace of Allah,the  Quran calls it “Yawmul Furqan” the Day of the Criterion.

Today when we study what is happening in the world, especially in Syria (Bilaadush Shaam) ,we see the Shias and enemies of Islam and Muslims, punishing innocent Muslims, killing innocent women and children.

This is against all international Laws, because Muslim lives are lost, the mass media does not speak about it.

Oh Ummah wake up from your slumber! Are you still so interested in your own activities that you forget the Ummah?

At least learn what happened in the Battle of Battle of Badr, Nabi SAW and 313 Sahabah on one side, on the other side, Abu Jahal. Today we have many ‘Firowns and abu Jahals’.

All Mighty Allah is humiliating them in the UK and US because they are the modern day pharaoh of our time.
They are killing innocent people in Syria and other parts o the world.

Palestine, Gaza is in front of us, we all know who is helping who.

We should realize what happened in the battle of Badr, how Muhammed SAW cried to Allah.

Oh Ummah read these Duas.
Rabanaa Laa Taj-Al-Naa Fitnatal Lil Qawmith Thalimeen’
Oh Beloved Allah, do not make us a target for a people who are oppressors and transgressors

‘Wa Najinaa Birahmatika Minal Qawmil Kaafireen’
Oh All Mighty Allah you save us through your mercy from a people who are the non -Muslims

Nabi Musa AS and his people read this dua against the Pharaoh at that time,we should be reading this dua on Yawmul Furqaan on the 17th of Ramadan.

Oh Ummah, Sehri Time, Iftaar Time, After Salaah, Cry to Allah.

They kill Muslims like they are killing Flies.We can see the double standards and Hypocrisy.

We can see the false flags that are being used in different parts of the world but the Ummah today and the Munafiqeen, those that speak about Islam, but side with the enemies of Islam, May Allah Destroy them.

Read Surah 2 Vs 30 : Rabbin Surnee Alal Qawmil Mufsideen
Oh Allah all the trouble and Mischief makers you destroy them

They want to remove Islam from the face of the earth. On the Day of Badr, Nabi SAW made Dua.

Oh Allah if this group of 313 are defeated, Your Name will not be taken. Ya Allah for Biladush Shaam, Nabi SAW made Special Dua. Ya Allah Grant Barakah to Shaam (The Levent).Whether it is Palestine or Jordan, whether it is Syria or Lebanon, return it to its former glory.

Ya Allah Destroy the Shiah and Kaafirs, destroy them .Ya Allah Protect the Haramain. Protect Masjid Aqsa. Protect our women and Children. Ya Allah they can never beat you Allah! The non -muslims can never beat you Ya Allah!

Ya Allah show us Your Power, on this Day You Sent thousand Angels to Help the Muslims in Badr, send the Angels to help our Orphans, the refugees, the oppressed of the Muslims in the World. Destroy the oppressors if there is no Guidance written for them, Oh Allah Show us Your Help again, we are not deserving and worthy of it. But out of Your Mercy send it to us, oh Allah destroy the enemies.

Ya Allah on the 17th Ramadan when the Abaasid Khalifa “Mu’tasim’ was in charge one lady would cry out in anguish and the Ummah was there to help one-one lady. Today the Ummah is 1 billion and we cannot help millions of people,a shame and disgrace for us.

Ya Allah forgive us, forgive our sins, forgive our shortcoming and help us spread the Deen of Islam throughout the worlds.

May Allah Destroy the enemies when there is no guidance written for them.