The Crimes of Iran and Saudi by Ml Salmaan Hussaini Nadwi


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 12 June 2017| 17 Ramadaan 1438

In the light of Hadith you can gauge the rank of Abu Bakr RA and how despicable is it, to curse Abu Bakr RA and Omar RA.

Can such a person ever be a Muslim? Can such a person ever be a Muslim?

Never, never can he be a Muslim!

People may twist fatwas to make such people Muslim.Abu Bakr RA and Umar RA were the companions and helpers and khalifas of Nabi (SAW).Nabi (SAW) trusted them.

Then comes the position of Uthmaan(RA) and Ali (RA)
Ayesha (RA) was the beloved wife of Nabi SAW and mother of believers.To lay any type of accusation on any of them, can only be the work of a low dweller of Hell, a friend of shaytaan and a denier of Quraan.

Can such a person ever remain a Muslim?
Some people still give them space in Islam.Whereas in reality there is no link between them and Islam,
A delegation of shias came from Iran to Nadwa,I said we can never find common ground with you so long as you hold your dirty beliefs regarding sahabah RA, we can never find common ground with you!

So they said, “No Sheikh, this is not our way” Khamenei has forbidden us from cursing Sahabah etc.

So I told them, give the fatwa in writing which I am still waiting for till today, and the fatwa is just a piece of paper, their source books, are full of their dirty beliefs.

Till they do not repent, from cursing Sahabah RA, they will never be counted amongst the believers and this should be true and complete repentance, not dodging and playing with words. So long as they continue doing what they are doing, in their Shia temples, they will never be counted as Muslims.

This is Saudis biggest weakness – that while they continue to label Shias as Persian fire worshippers (Majoos) they still allow them to do Hajj, visit Madina Munawwara and purchase land in the Haram.

They openly have their gatherings of lament and cursing Sahabah, inside the Haram, so the Saudis play politics on both sides. Iranian Delegations, stand in front of the Mubaarak Rawda and spew out their venom.

When Sh Hudaifi spoke out, he was removed from position. These are the works of the Saudi Regime.

So on the one hand, they claim to oppose the Iranians and call them “majoos” and then hypocritically accommodate them and their evil, in the kingdom.

The Qaadiyanis interpret the finality of Prophethood as Muhammed (SAW) being the greatest prophet, while negating actual finality, thereby opening an avenue for their leader, but they do not curse Sahabah RA.

Notwithstanding this, the entire Ummah is unanimous, that they are kaafir.

But when it comes to this terrible crowd, then everything is different – their sharia, salaah, fasting, Quraan. They pass verdict of Kufr on Sahabah.

Their beliefs are totally different. They abuse Sahabah in the vilest of language and then the foolish amongst us, still accept them as Muslims.

The matter has to be clear – as 2 + 2 = 4. Saudis need to stop playing political games.This isn’t limited to our age.

This is as old as Islam itself. It has been running for centuries. The Saudis are complicit n this matter.

“Curse Sahaabah as much as you want, say what you want of Abu Bakr and Umar RA, so long as you do not speak against our king and our country. Then we are fine.”

This is their unspoken law. Allah’s Deen is clear as daylight, there’s nothing ambiguous about it.

With regards to Aqeeda and the Amal it is openly clear. Hence our standpoint should also be clear and straightforward. No beating round the bush and no playing with words.

The slightest inclination towards them is Haraam. Whether the oppressor of a nation, or the world or an organization, or a single individual, Thulm (oppression) is thulm.

Today they have chosen to attack Qatar diplomatically, while maintaining ties with the Iranians.

A huge portion of gulf trade is with Iran.Saudis continue to trade with Iran and its allies.

They maintained strong ties with Nouri al-Maliki (Former Prime Minister of Iraq) and now they maintain strong ties with the current prime minister of Iraq, Al-Abadi.

They are themselves guilty of breaking the Sunni bulwark of Iraq under Saddam Hussain, thereby opening the way for a shia take over.

From 2003-2011 the Sunnis were slaughtered in the streets and these false Sunni Governments, continue to maintain ties, with their Shia counterparts and continue to play their drama in front of us.

They try to pull wool over our eyes. This chain of oppression over the Muslim Ummah, has been running for the last century.

The Quran Commands us, “Do not lean towards the oppressors least you be cast into Jahannam”

This illegitimate Saudi State has cast over 50000 ulamah and Mashaaikh into their jails.

Over 10000 innocents were massacred in Egypt by their friend Sisi, hundreds of Thousands have been killed in Iraq and Shaam.

To support them, praise them or defend them, is to aid their thulm (Oppression). This is the work of wretched people,even a soft inclination. Fear the fire of Jahaanam.

To support them, praise them or defend them, is to aid their thulm (Oppression).

May Allah pull the ground from under their feet. As for the punishment in the hereafter, the worst and severest of punishment is reserved for them. May Allah destroy their plans.

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