#World’s first –An energy bar designed specifically for Ramadaan


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail|08 June 2017| 13 Ramadaan 1438

Low energy levels can seriously put a damper on one’s day and result in low productivity and poor health. Some time or the other we have all experienced that feeling of fatigue during the day or maybe even an overwhelming sleepiness during our ibadah. Of course, boosting one’s energy levels can certainly be a challenge as well. During Ramadaan a lot of men and women increase their supplement intake to get them through their daily tasks. Very often these feelings are as a result of an error in our diet during Ramadaan.

With that said, I would like to introduce the world’s first Ramadan Energy Bar. Yes, you read correctly!

Recently launched by Fajr Foods, the Ramadan energy bar is designed specifically for individuals who are fasting. Preferably eaten at suhoor the energy bars are low in fat and chocolate in flavor, by eating this bar before a fast, users are able to maintain high and steady energy levels for about 9 whole hours.

Said to be delicious this bar is of high-quality and low fat with caffeine-free chocolate-flavored base that contains complex carbohydrates that digest over a longer period of time.

Fajr Foods founder Farid Sanders pointed out that energy from food typically runs out very quickly, resulting in fatigue and low levels of energy for those who fast. Instead, the Switzerland-based entrepreneur said, the protein bar that is meant to be eaten during suhoor provides the energy needed “to take the edge off during the day.” Sanders explains that the “The Ramadan Energy bar gives you a little extra energy so you can stay engaged.”

Sanders’ ultimate goal is to see his products like the energy bar in the supermarkets one day. “In the West, religious holidays are known for taking over the supermarkets, but for whatever reason, Ramadan is not visible,” he says. “Muslims spend a lot of money over the holiday season, and I think this poses an unmet need. We need more products that focus on Muslim consumers, and Fajr Foods hopes to do that.”

Extracts – SupplementPolice|muslimgirl.com