National Taraaweeh Survey launched


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 31 May 2017| 05 Ramadaan 1438

As part of its ‘No Haafidh left Behind Campaign’, the South African Qur’aan Union (SAQU) has extended its scope to study Taraaweeh trends and the availability of Huffaadh throughout the country.

The ‘No Haafidh left behind’ initiative is an attempt by the organisation to link masaajid with available reciters for the month of Ramadan. It is the aim of the South African Qur’aan Union that every memorizer of the Qur’aan has an opportunity to lead Taraweeh Salaah in a Masjid, permanent Musallah or a temporary Musallah established for this purpose.

As part of this ongoing program, SAQU hopes to raise the profiles of Huffaadh across South Africa as well as creating a consolidated list of venues where Taraaweeh are being performed each year.
In appreciation of the efforts of Qur’aan reciters, the organisation further hopes that this information and platform would serve as a benefit to both Qur’aan reciters and the community at large.

A quick glance at the available data reveals that:

1. At present, the names of 381 reciters who are actively reciting taraweeh this year, has been captured.
2. The towns of Middelburg in Mpumalanga and Vereeniging in Gauteng, collectively features over 100 Huffaadh reciting at various venues.
3. In the small suburb of Marlboro, Gauteng, Taraaweeh is being recited in at least 17 places.
4. From the Eastern Cape, 128 reciters has been captured.
5. Not much data are available from the Western Cape and remaining provinces.

The comprehensive list may be viewed at:

Whilst the survey is being updated daily, communities are urged to forward the names of Huffaadh reciting at their respective masjid or musallah to or (tweet to) @quraanSA