SANZAF – bringing warmth amidst the icy weather


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 29 May 2017| 03 Ramadaan 1438

A large majority of children and the aged live in abject poverty in South Africa. Hence, SANZAF saw the need to come to the rescue of these underprivileged people with a project called the Operation winter warmth. The project, that is sustained by the generous zakaah contributions made by the public, has been in existence since 2013.

Following the launch of Operation Winter Warmth, SANZAF offices across the country are rolling out outreach activities amongst those in need. Kwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape have already commenced with outreach activities and similar activities will take place countrywide.

Outreach activities are conducted in Port Elizabeth, East London, Kimberley, Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg and Gauteng.

Operation Winter Warmth responds to local communities with a powerful, national advantage as it addresses the immediate and critical needs for appropriate clothing during the cold winter months.

Through the fantastic work done by SANZAF, Operation Winter Warmth advocates for awareness of the impact of poverty on families and communities, and demonstrates how even one person can make a positive difference in the life of a person in need.

So how can you be a part of a positive change in some one’s life? Contribute your zakaah to SANZAF. Not only will you be fulfilling a fardh act, but also warming up some ones day. These projects are all made possible with the generous zakaah contributions and by the mercy of Allah Ta’ala. To read about the various SANZAF initiatives go to

The SANZAF user friendly website has a zakaah calculator, zakaah related information and you may even ask a zakaah related question and have it answered online or Click here to be directed automatically.