Safeera’s Diary #Storiesofthedisplacedmillions – Day 1


Date: 15 May 2017
Diary Entry: Safeera Kaka (Cii Radio)

Today we arrived in Antakya, Hatay in Turkey. We were escorted to the offices of Syria Relief where we were introduced to refugees working in Antakya.

We heard their stories, many requested to not be photographed because they have families left in Syria.

Real people, educated and family orientated who fled a country that spiralled into war. Many of the refugees we met are working. They work for construction companies, aid agencies and many (who are lawyers and engineers) do menial tasks in and around the city. We captured their stories (tune in to Cii Radio – DSTV 865 to listen to them).

We also got an idea of the work aid agencies do in terms of relief work especially within Syria and the camps. #storiesofthedisplacedmillions #CiiRadio

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We met a little Syrian boy. He walks the streets of Antakya selling tissues to gather money for his family. #storiesofthedisplacedmillions #CiiRadio

🎙Attend Safeera Kaka’s report back in Crosby on Tuesday 23rd May, and in Benoni on Wednesday 24th May. Ask local women’s forums for details.

Below are some pics from #Safeera’sDiary #storiesofthedisplacedmillions #Turkey

Masjid in Turkey
The sights and surrounds in the streets of Turkey
#BlueMosque #Turkey