Ever pondered about the multiple benefits derived from gardening?


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 21 April 2017| 23 Rajab 1438

Previous research has shown that gardening is one of the best ways of keeping active in later life. But among the less well-known benefits is that people who garden feel they have a better quality of life.

Researchers from two universities in Texas analysed the activity and attitudes of almost 300 men and women over 50, splitting them into gardeners and non-gardeners.

Using a psychological index called the Life Satisfaction Inventory, they found that 71 per cent of gardeners did not ‘feel old’, compared with 57 per cent of non-gardeners.

They also felt more energetic and got more daily exercise, with three times as many non-gardeners considering themselves ‘physically inactive.’ But there are cerebral benefits too, according to studies published in the specialist journal HortTechnology.

Those with a taste for gardening are more likely to plan and organise a diary for the coming months, showing them to be more mentally active.

There were higher scores for general ‘life satisfaction’, and keen gardeners were more likely to eat fresh vegetables than non-gardeners, suggesting that the outdoor habit can influence healthy eating.


  • Wonder and beauty of Creation/Designer…Programmed…cycle of life BEST CREATOR/BEST DESIGNER
  • Order: Let man investigate his food(Aya)…”Look to its fruits…”:evidences of a Creator…no chance..no accident
  • Water …makes it live/alive(Aya)
  • Watching the growth(spiritual)/Living with GOD/NATURE
  • Dependence on ALLAH (tawakkul)
  • Link to sun/rotation/nature/environment
  • Sand/origin of man/death/burial
  • Heaven/gardens/Jannat
  • ALLAH is beautiful and loves all beautiful things(Hadith)
  • Eat from what you do/your hands(Hadith)
  • Pro-life….Grow and produce life
  • Plants talk…
  • Plant it even at the end of life (Hadith)
  • Tayyib/organic/natural/fresh
  • Income/job/sustenance/self sufficiency
  • Pollination/Bees role
  • Quranic foods/fruits: pomegranate,grape,fig,olive,ginger..herbs


  • for depression
  • Feels better/satisfaction
  • Unique PLEASURE/achievement/self satisfaction/achievement
  • Endorphin’s
  • Feels younger
  • Living longer
  • Brain use/calculation/exercise
  • Planning ahead/Diary
  • Tidiness
  • Learning/responsibility/care
  • Beauty
  • Hope
  • Education about the creation/educating the children
  • Flowers: Colour therapy
  • Generosity
  • Active role/not useless
  • Higher studies in different species(Education)
  • Learning to “fix” any problem in growth/production!


  • Activities/exercises/loosing calories/less overweight(digging,watering,cleaning,protection…)
  • Healthy nutritious fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Circulation
  • Fresh/clean air(no pollution)
  • Sun..vitamin D
  • Antiseptic/antibiotic in the soil
  • Honey
  • Flowers:essential oils/perfumes/medicine
  • Herbs: Your food is your medicine
  • Suitable soil ingredients
  • Fruits of same season are healthier
  • Fresh/no additives


  • Self sufficiency/part time job/save money
  • Sustainability/storage
  • Local/Not imported
  • Sale/income
  • Higher price of the house
  • Big wide business:a lot of shops online
  • Handy…no travelling
  • No insecticides or pesticides


  • Neighborhood care:offer some/hospitality/talk and communication
  • Link with gardeners
  • Shows/sale


  • Natural organic
  • Use of space/land
  • worm happy,bird happy,family happy
  • Suitable soil ingredients
  • Use of empty land
  • NO GM/Keep GOD’s natural formula


  • Best healthy nutrition/food/sunnah
  • Even stings are for health
  • Medicine(a whole pharmacy)
  • Job/income
  • Spiritual/Surat Nahl/ fascination behavior
  • Plus chicken/eggs


  • Ready seeds,plants..
  • Clear instructions
  • Courses/internet
  • Available areas:Front/back garden,roof,windows/kitchen,allotment
  • Useful for old/unemployed and women..good use of free time
  • Learning:Technical college..free or cheap
  • Vegetables:lettuce,parsley,coriander,tomato,mint,rosemary,spinach,thyme,lavender
  • FRUITS:apple,pears,grape,fig,plum,cherry,strawberry

Written By Dr Abdul Majid Katme (MBBCh,DPM)

Muslim Campaign for Gardening -London/UK