Ethiopian who fell 6 floors to escape employer denies suicide claims


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 04 April 2017| 06 Rajab 1438

The Ethiopian worker was reportedly locked up in a room by her employer with no food or water for days.

An Ethiopian housekeeper who was filmed as she dropped from the window of a seventh floor flat in Kuwait has spoken out about her ordeal and debunked claims that it was a suicide attempt. The domestic worker spoke for the first time to Ethiopian media from hospital where she is recovering from a broken arm- the most serious injury she sustained after losing her balance and dropping six floors.

“I am fine, thank God, I am fine,” she is seen saying in the video filmed from her hospital bed.

She further explains: I was trying to save myself; my employer locked me in the bathroom and was about to kill me.

She wanted to throw my body out without anybody finding out, so instead of staying there, I jumped.

Her explanation will shed light on the incident where it was initially believed the housekeeper was trying to escape the apartment by committing suicide after she was locked in a room with no food or water for a couple of days.

The Ethiopian worker was reportedly trying to terminate her employment in Kuwait but was refused by the employer who instead locked her in her room as punishment.

The employer, who filmed the worker instead of coming to her aid, has since been arrested.

Source – MEMO