Echoes of the Haramain tour


Cii Radio brings you an opportunity to reminisce about your trip to the holy lands in the company of renowned reciter Shaykh Adam Godawala.

Shaykh Adam hails from the United Kingdom and will be on tour in South Africa from the 24 – 31 March with mesmerizing programs. Attend and enjoy melodious recitations of the Holy Quraan in various styles of the Haramain Shuyook.

Shaykh Adam, who is a Muadhin at Masjid Umar in Leicester, is currently involved in popular Social Media Page Haramain Recordings which has been running since 2006. Shaykh’s work with Haramain Recordings is all voluntary and is supported by the Imaams & Muadhins of Haramain. The married father of one is well known for his melodious recitations and became a Hafidh at the Islamic Dawah Academy in Leicester where he also did a period of Aalim class studies.

In addition to the Echoes of the Haramain tour, Cii Radio will be hosting an Adhaan awareness workshop with Shaykh Adam Ghodawala.

The Adhaan Awarness workshop will be held at Siratul Jannah Masjid on Monday 27 March after esha salaah and is open for all Muadhins as well as  members of the public to attend.The workshop promises to be insightful and aims to focus on the meaning and implications of the words of adhaan, benefits of being a muadhin, history of the adhaan and how one can deliver the adhaan in the best manner.

Attend and let the Quraan and Adhaan remind you of your trip to haramain.