Justice as police arrest man who fed cat to dog


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 14 March 2017| 15 Jumadul Aakhir 1438

Dubai Police have arrested the man behind the gruesome act that was circulated on social media

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested a man behind a video that went viral on social media showing a live cat being fed to dogs, police said on Tuesday.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said the man was referred to the specialized authority to take necessary legal action.

“After orders from Dubai Police Chief, we identified the man behind this horrible act and arrested him for torturing the cat. It’s a savage behaviour and strange behaviour in our society,” Major-General Al Mansouri said.
The man will be charged with abusing an animal.

Earlier report
Police officials in the UAE are hunting for a man who fed a cat to his dogs and circulated a video of this gruesome act on social media, Gulf News has learnt.

The gruesome video shows a man holding a live cat in a cage and feeding it to two dogs. The man is heard saying that he fed the cat to the dogs because the cat attacked pigeons and hens at his farm.

Residents and officials from different departments have reacted with horror and launched a hash tag, condemning the incident.

The video, which has gone viral, has provoked outrage among animal welfare workers and social media users.
It has been viewed and shared countless times since the incident two days ago with many people voicing their disgust.

Dr Manal Al Mansouri of UAE Animal Welfare Group told Gulf News: “This is a horrific crime of intentional, barbaric killing.”

“The act showed in the video is completely unacceptable and is inhumane,” he added.

“We hold our environment in high esteem and have special love for animals in general and pets in particular,” he said.

“I also hope that new federal law to protect animals is applied in this incident,” Dr Al Mansouri said.

Mistreatment of animals can result in a one year imprisonment and a Dh200, 000 fine.

Dr. Al Mansouri said his act leaves a negative impression on teenagers who may repeat the act.

“The man should not blame the cat for the loss of his hens and pigeons because the cat is following its instinct; he is the one who should be blamed because he should protect his farm well. How the cat entered the farm if he keeps dogs there,” she asked.

Source – Gulf news