Syrian refugees reimagine their homeland


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail|08 February 2017|10 Jumadul ula 1438

The idea of revolution continues to smoulder in Syrians as they try to rebuild their lives in refugee camps in southern Turkey

Hatay/Gaziantep, Turkey — Syrian refugees living inside or outside the camps in Turkey’s southeastern frontier provinces are bound by one common vision: a homeland free from Bashar al Assad, the Syrian regime leader who faced an armed rebellion that challenged his autocratic rule.

The impact of six years of grueling war shows on their faces. Men who looked youthful before the war now have graying hair, wrinkled faces and tired bodies. Women who lost their husbands and sons speak with pride about how they became “martyrs for the cause.”

TRT World spent a week in refugee camps in southern Turkey and met with Syrian refugees of different ages and cultural backgrounds. They discussed their identities and how they are coping with refugee life. From the relationship between a father and daughter, to a former fighter who now runs a barber shop, we explore the broader implications of the war through this series of portraits.

Source – trt world

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