Man who called for mosque to be burnt down slams desecration


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 09 January 2016| 10 Rabi ul Aakir 1438

A Langebaan man who last week called for a mosque to be burnt down after complaining about the Islamic call to prayer has joined those slamming the desecration of a Simon’s Town mosque.

A pig snout and blood was left on the doorstep of the mosque on Saturday morning, resulting in outrage from a number of religious circles.

The desecration came days after Liam Ferreira was lambasted on social media after he called for a mosque to be burnt down in a post complaining about the Muslim call to prayer, which is done five times a day over speakers.

“I think it’s a crime that no one is standing up to those Muslim bastards blaring their call to pray 5 times a day over massive speakers,” he posted. “Why do i need to put up with an Arabic tradition created in the dessert [sic] thousands of years ago.”

He ended his post declaring: “Stand up for yourselves!!! Burn it down!!!”

Ferreira later apologised for his rant.

On the Simon’s Town Mosque Centenary page he condemned the desecration of the mosque.
Stand together

“The act committed was pure negativity… I have done wrong, have repented, have been forgiven, have forgiven others, have learned and have angered, inspired and engaged with many people worldwide,” he wrote.

“I wish to emulate the majority of Muslims I have spoken with, when I say to those responsible: Peace be upon you.”
The SA Jewish Board of Deputies also expressed their disgust at the incident, saying they were “appalled.

“This act of racist provocation is unacceptable and has no place in South Africa. We condemn it in the strongest terms. The SAJBD calls on all South Africans to stand up against Islamophobia and all forms of racism,” it said.
Mayor Patricia de Lille on Sunday said there was no place for religious intolerance in Cape Town.

She condemned the incident as a heinous act, warning that it would not be tolerated.

“Now is the time for all the people of Cape Town to stand together and reject those who disrespect the religious practices and choices of others. Freedom of religion is enshrined in our Constitution and this right must be safeguarded,” she said.

De Lille appealed to those with information on the incident to come forward and assist all authorities investigating the act.

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