8 hidden health dangers at the mall


Cii Radio| Sabera Sheik Essop| 24 November 2016| 23 Safar 1438

This holiday season best be safe than sorry in public spaces

Crazy crowds
Try and avoid doing your shopping when everyone else is. Most shopping centres stay open late and open quite early. When there are thousands of people, your shopping trip will take three times as long and the chances of anything going wrong, are much greater. Early Sunday mornings or after 7 pm at night are good times for grocery shopping.

Escalator scare
Escalators can be scary things. Their sides are not very high and long dresses could easily be caught in the moving stairs. It is easy to fall getting on or off these. Escalators should never be used to play on. If you have small children with you, it is safer to take the lift. If you have no option, carry them.

Revolving doors
These are electronic doors that move at a set pace. As with escalators, extreme care should be taken when getting on and getting off one of these.

Tower of tins
Promotional displays in supermarkets often consist of a pyramid of tins of a particular product. A toddler dislodging a tin near the bottom can result in an avalanche of heavy tins, which can cause some serious injuries. Be on the lookout.

Slip slide in the shop
Slippery floors, wet weather and high heels don’t go well together. Sometimes floors are wet from being washed or having things spilled on them. Nasty injuries can be sustained from slipping in or on things such as broken mayonnaise jars on the floor. Watch out especially for signs indicating that the floor is being washed.

Trolley trepidation
Trolleys are handy things and can be loaded sky high with groceries, household necessities, and it’s even got a seat for your toddler. But trolleys are heavy metal things and if someone were to bump into you with one that was fully laden, you could sustain nasty bruises and cuts. Not to speak of broken bones if one were to go over your foot. Watch out for these, especially if you are standing still and someone comes zooming round the corner.

Out, out, damned spot
Wash your hands after touching lift buttons, toilet handles, door handles or escalator railings in shopping centres. Viruses are often spread when you touch things in public places and then touch your face. Don’t eat anything without washing your hands first.

Parking lot paranoia
Be paranoid in parking lots. They are often quite dark and there are many places where potential muggers could hide. You are also easily distracted here, as your attention is focused on finding the keys, getting your shopping into the car and strapping in children. Be alert.

Source : Health24