OMG Tuesdays with Dr Abdul Majid Katme, Live from London


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 15 November 2016| 14 Safar 1438

Dr Abdul Majid Katme Will Be Back on the airwaves of Cii Radio with his brand New Show ‘OMG Tuesdays’ Every Tuesday from 9-10pm(CAT)

Each week Dr Abdul Majid Katme will discuss a variety of topics in each show which are based on new medical health, scientific and social studies.

Some of the topics Dr Katme will focus on are:

• The discovery of New Health values in the teaching of Islam, Islam for your health, Qur’an Is Shifa To Mankind
• Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): the Physician to mankind
• New Prophetic medical miracles
• Natural/Islamic complementary medicine
• The suffering of the non-Muslim people in the west based on figures and studies
• The sacredness of life in Islam: Pro-life campaign (no killing of the unborn child through abortion, no assisted suicide or Euthanasia)
• Halal Tayyib meat and food
• Latest medical Health advice/Health education
• Latest news on Islam and Muslims in the UK/Problems of British Muslims
• The threat from the west to Islam/Muslims/ Muslim woman/family and the unborn child!
• Why they became MUSLIMS?
• Working together: Muslims and Christian believers for our shared divine values

Keep a close eye on as all references for the talks will be displayed on CII website.

About Dr Abdul Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM) In Brief:
-British Citizen, originally from Lebanon, married with 3 grown up married children/grandfather for 9 beautiful children, fluent in both: Arabic and English languages(Knows some French).Resident in London , in the UK since 1972.
-A qualified medical doctor. (Cairo University/1969/1970/MBBCH,DPM)
-A qualified Psychiatrist (DPM/London),worked in many psychiatric hospitals in the UK
(Had early retirement ,not in medical practice since many years ).
-A Muslim Spokesman on Medical Ethics ( Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK)
-He worked as Director in Muslim Welfare House (in London) before
-Muslim medical Campaigner for the Prophetic method of DHABH and no stunning.
He has done before his medical scientific study on stunning.
-Co-Founder/Ex-Chairman of Palmers Green mosque in Enfield/North London

-Muslim Coordinator to many Christian/non-Muslim bodies/organization’s in the UK:
*The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) in London/UK
Campaign against: abortion, Euthanasia, human cloning, population control, sex education, Presumed consent for organ donation etc.. (works part time with this organisation),in charge of the Muslim Division…since about 25 years

*Liaise with Safer Media(Media March)/ and MEDIA WATCH-UK:against pornography/porn online,immoral sex education,violence and bad language in all the channels of the media.
*Campaigner for: Marriage(male and female)/Family values and Motherhood
*Member of the three Faiths Forum in london
* On the board of FAMILY ALLIANCE(International Christian body which campaigns for chastity,marriage,morality,no abortion,motherhood…)
*A Muslim Medical Advisor to Medical Ethics Alliance

(Cairo,Beijing,Copenhagen,Rome,Istanbul,Hague,New York,..etc )
He attended over 10 International UN conferences and worked closely with the Pro-life Pro-family Christian NGOs,Holy See/Vatican..towards our shared common values
Muslim campaign against:
abortion,adultery,sex education,homosexuality,population control most contraception/Morning after-Pill,especially to the youth and the unmarried,gay marriage
Muslim campaign for:
Chastity,Protection of the life of the unborn child ,marriage/motherhood/family values parental responsibility,womanhood/feminity,natural biological gender differences/heterosexuality,Ethical medical research(not embryonic)…..
Divine moral code,Sovereignity of each country ,with full respect to religious beliefs and practices….

-He met the late Pope John Paul II twice in 1995 and in 1996.
First time: he gave him by hand:AL QUR’AN in English.
Second time:he gave him a book: The Virgin Mary and Jesus in the Qur’an
(Photos available ).

-Muslim Speaker on:
Abortion,rights of the unborn child, Euthanasia,human cloning , motherhood,family values, Chastity,homosexuality,sex/gender differences,religious and health, population control ,UN dangers to the unborn child,woman ,motherhood and the family,natural family planning, immoral media:harms and dangers , the Virgin MARY :Role model to all the women of the world (famous talk) and the Common Divine values among Muslim and Christians/Catholics:a Plan for working together!
(available to give talks/interviews to Christians /media on all these topics)

-He addressed 4 International Christian Family Conferences ,as the only Muslim speaker:
The International Conference on the Family in Prague/1997
The International Bishops Conference on the Family in Manilla/1999
The International Conference on Education and development in Buonis Airis/Argentinne in 1999.
The International Conference on Fatherhood in Poland 1999.

He has also addressed here in the UK many of the Annual Conferences of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children(SPUC)on :abortion,population control….

-Well known speaker on many Muslim radios (UK/abroad): CII/Unity FM/Spectrum
and on many Muslim radios in Ramadan
-Was weekly Presenter in English of TV health shows on 3 Muslim TVs (Somali channel/Iqra TV/Iqra Bangla)
-Writer to Christian/Catholic media and to Muslim newspapers.
Produces many regular Press release/Muslim responses on many medical and social issues in Britain