Grab this chance to earn Sawaab e Jaariyah


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 15 September 2016| 13 Zhul Hijjah 1437

Tune in to Cii Radio on Friday, 16 September 2016, between 7-10am (CAT) for the live on air pledge line in aid of the Daarul Qur’aan Institute building project.

Daarul Qur’aan Institute has two branches in Cape Town. Under the leadership of Sheikh Muntahaa Kenny, it has become a premier centre of learning that caters for adults, youth, and toddlers, who are engaged in reciting or memorizing the Qur’aan from scratch.

An aspect that stands out about the institute is that it specialises in teaching the Quraan to young children ranging between the ages three- six years. They have also done outstanding work by producing its own Early Childhood Development program that entails Quran memorization, Islamic studies, and academic studies.

The institute, which once boasted a remarkable student count of 200 ardent learners, was forced to down scale its activities due to space and financial constraints. Teaching is being conducted out of outbuildings and temporary structures.

The madrasah has identified a suitably located property that would most ideally serve the development of the Institute. It has until the end of September to raise R3 million towards the purchase and renovation of the property.

Don’t miss your chance to earn Sawaab e Jaariyah and an opportunity to ensure the learning of the Qur’aan by many young hearts. Tune in to Yaumun Jadeed on Friday, 16 September 2016, between 7am and 10am to pledge your support towards this worthy cause.

Daarul Qur’aan Institute is a registered section 18A organization.

For more information, contact Sheikh Muntahaa Kenny on 0832773216 or

If you prefer to make a direct deposit heres the bank details:


Daarul Qur’aan Institute
Absa Br Code: 632 005
Cheque : 408 248 8121(Lillah/Sadaqah)
Savings: 926 939 3334( Zakaah Only – NOT FOR BUILDING – will be used for zakaatable causes)