Hajis Praise Kingdom for outstanding Haj services


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 14 September 2016| 12 Zhul Hijjah 1437
Jeddah: Pilgrims from around the world applauded and praised the Saudi government for the excellent facilities, services and security it has provided for them.

Pilgrims said the services provided this year were far better than in previous years, as they didn’t face any problems while performing Haj rituals, especially during the stoning of the devil.
Mohsin Bukhari from Lahore, Pakistan, who came on Haj with his wife and mother, said the Saudi government made excellent arrangements to keep the pilgrims cool in the hot weather, as cool water was being sprayed to keep pilgrims cool, and even some security personnel were fanning the crowed with hand-held fans.

“We didn’t face any problems or crowding during the stoning of the devil; we did the ritual with so much ease and with satisfaction — even my old mother did it by herself,” he said.
However, he complained about the transportation system from Mina to the Makkah Grand Mosque. “We felt there were not enough buses and transportation for the pilgrims to go to perform Tawaf after stoning,” he added.

Another pilgrim, Khairunnisa from Chittagong, Bangladesh, said she and her group of pilgrims were fully satisfied with the arrangements of Haj; she and her whole family prayed for the king and the Saudi government, and were thankful to them for providing such excellent facilities to make the Haj successful.

“We didn’t face any problem during Haj at any point, from start until the end. Everything was so excellent and organized that all the rituals of the Haj were done with ease,” she said.
Nizamuddin of Saharanpur, India, also told Arab News that before coming on Haj he was very worried, but after seeing the excellent services provided by the Saudi government, he was very pleased.

“While pushing my old mother in a wheelchair, we didn’t face any problems during Haj. We performed all our rituals comfortably and with ease; we performed every ritual with satisfaction of heart. We thank the Saudi government for all the facilities and services they provided to all the pilgrims,” he said.

The pilgrims also praised the efforts of volunteers who were providing their free services to the pilgrims.
Waseem Bukhari, the spokesperson of Pakistan Haj Volunteers Group (PHVG), said the government scouts and volunteers rendered full cooperation with them in providing the services and facilities to their pilgrims.

“The work done by all the Haj volunteers of every organization was excellent and with full cooperation, 45 PHVG teams are in the field to help and guide the pilgrims, from taking them to stoning, to the farewell Tawaf, by providing wheelchair services, and their operations will continue till Zhul Hijjah 12,” he said.
Source – Arab news