4 Things to do for a Remarkable Ramadaan


Cii Radio | Sabera Sheik Essop|15 June 2016 | 09 Ramadaan 1437

We are 9 days into Ramadan and the first third of this magnificent month is almost behind us, for some the goings have been good since day 1, for others…not so much. Do not despair; it’s not too late to make the most out of your Ramadaan.

#1 – Free your mind from…
• Clutter
• Negative thoughts
• Meaningless worry
Negative thoughts breed; one bad thought leads to another. Focus on something else when the mind wonders into a negative space and when you do have to worry, worry only about your relationship with ALLAH(SWT)

#2 – Free your body from…
• Tenseness
• Laziness
• Bad speech
Fasting does not give you the excuse to be weak. Look at the companions during the battle of badr! As for bad speech, when someone antagonizes you,say : “I am Fasting,I am Fasting”

#3 – Free your heart from…
• Vengeance
• Hatred
• Unforgiveness
Learn to let go, ALLAH says in the Quraan that those who become angry, but are quick to forgive will have a reward from ALLAH. Remember the companion who forgave everyone before going to bed being described by the Prophet (SAW) as a person from Jannah?

#4 – Free your spirit from…
• Hubb Ad Dunya
• People & Things
Remember everything in this world is temporary, our parents, your spouse, your children, your relatives, your friends, your car, and your job, basically everything.

Let’s use the remaining weeks of Ramadaan to detach ourselves from love for this world because in the end …only ALLAH remains.