“From my side, I thank everyone that stood with my family, everyone that assisted in trying to secure my release, everyone for comforting my family, everyone for their prayers and whatever support they have given. It’s good to be back with my family, it’s good to be back in the country, it’s good to be back with my family,” Mahomed said.


His mother, Shireen also gives thanks to those who helped securing her son’s release and trip back to SA. 

I would also like to thank our government for being with us, for standing with us. I would also like to thank my president for helping us,” she said. 

Mohamed goes on to explain about the funds which were raised for his release. 

Mahomed has asked the media for time to regain his strength. He said he will do media interviews later on. 

According to news reports, in December last year Mohamed escaped from his captors who have been demanding ransom for him. 

While details were sketchy, he was reportedly assisted in his escape and taken to Turkey. From there, arrangements were made for Mohamed to return to SA. 

He had been abducted whilst in Syria on an assignment for aid organisation.